Life Insurance Companies [Editor's note]

Definition; Taxes Imposed

801 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Definition of Life Insurance Company, 1954 Code; Definition of Life Insurance Company, 1959 Act]

802 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Imposition of Tax, 1954 Code; Tax Imposed, 1959 Act]

803 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Other Definitions and Rules, 1954 Code]

Investment Income

804 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Taxable Investment Income; 1959 Act]

806 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Adjustments for Certain Reserves, 1954 Code; Certain Changes in Reserves and Assets; 1959 Act]

807 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Rules for Certain Reserves; 1984 Act]

Gain and Loss from Operations.

809 [PDF 4/1/2014] [In General, 1959 Act; Reduction in Certain Deductions of Mutual Life Insurance Companies, 1984 Act, repealed for taxable years after 2005.]

810 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Rules for Certain Reserves; 1959 Act]

811 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Dividends to Policyholders; 1959 Act]

812 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Operations loss deduction; 1959 Act]

Distributions to shareholders.

815 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Distributions to shareholders; 1959 Act]

Miscellaneous Provisions.

817 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Rules Relating to Certain Gains and Losses; 1959 Act, Treatment of Variable Contracts; 1984 Act]

817A [PDF 4/1/2014] [Modified Guaranteed Contracts]

818 [PDF 4/1/2014] [relating to consolidated returns and certain capital losses.

819 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Foreign Life Insurance Companies; 1959 Act]

Mutual Insurance Companies (Other Than Life and Certain Marine Insurance Companies and Other Than Fire Insurance Companies Which Operate on Basis of Perpetual Policies or Premium Deposits)

821 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Tax on Mutual Insurance Companies to Which Part II Applies; repealed after 1986]

822 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Determination of Taxable Investment Income; redesignated as section 834 by the Tax Reform Act of 1986]

823 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Determination of Statutory Underwriting Income or Loss; repealed after 1986]

825 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Unused Loss Deduction; repealed after 1986]

826 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Election by reciprocal; redesignated as section 835 by the Tax Reform Act of 1986.]

Other Insurance Companies

831 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Tax on Insurance Companies Other Than Life Insurance Companies.]

832 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Insurance Company Taxable Income.]

833 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Medical Loss Ratio Under Section 833(c)(5).]

846 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Discounted Unpaid Losses Defined.][*]

848 [PDF 4/1/2014] [Capitalization of Certain Policy Acquisition Expenses.]

Life-Nonlife Consolidated Return Regulations

1502-47 [PDF 4/1/2014] Life-Nonlife Consolidated Return Regulations[**]

Editor's note; Treasury regulations for life insurance companies include provisions that correspond to the codification of several life insurance company tax regimes. They primarily relate to the Life Insurance Company Tax Act of 1959, as amended. Treasury regulations under section 803 and certain regulations under sections 801, 802 and 806 relate to the taxable years beginning in 1954 under the original Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Other provisions relate to the tax regime enacted under the Tax Reform Act of 1984, as amended.

*Editor's note; Treasury Decision 9257 changed the Treasury regulations for section 846 to address the impact of 338 on an insurer's election to use its historical payment pattern under section 846(e).

**Editor's note; Treasury Decision 9258 includes changes to the life-nonlife consolidated return regulations that eliminate the separate profitable from loss activities restriction under the tacking rules for effective years.